Obs! There will be boardgames, footballs, volleyball, surprises etc. Whatever you borrow, remember to bring it back after you have used it so it does not dissappear (some are rented or borrowed).

FRIDAY 10th (of April 2020)
10:00-11:50    Registering (Dining room)
11:50-12:00    Opening with information (Dining room)
12:00-14:00    Lunch (Dining room)
13:00-17:30    Activities (Sign up on diff pappers)
                       - Games (Dining room)
18:00-19:00    Dinner (Dining room)
20:00-01:00    Dance - Theme: (TBD) (Dance hall)
22:00-23:59    Nightsnack while dance continues...
23:59-02:00    Sauna (We gather in the dining room and then head over to the sauna)

SATURDAY 11th (of April)
08:00-09:00    Breakfast (Dining room)
09:00-09:30    Morning devotional (Dining room)
09:30-09:45    Information (Dining room)
10:00-13:00    Day activity
13:00-14:00    Lunch
14:00-17:00    Day activity continues
18:00-19:00    Dinner (Dining room)
19:00-23:55    Dress-up dance (Dance hall)
23:56-23:59    Leisure time

SUNDAY 12th (of April)
09:30-10:30    Breakfast (Dining room)
11:00-12:30    Sacrament meeting (Church)
13:00-14:00    Table decoration for the lunch (Dining room)
14:00-15:00    Late fancy Lunch (Dining room)
15:30-16:30    Women in the scriptures
19:00-20:30    Evening meal
20:30-23:54    Leisure time with chocolate fountain (Dining room)

MONDAY 13th (of April)
09:00-09:45    Breakfast (Dining room)
09:45-10:30    Clean and pack (Leaving your rooms the way they were when you came).
10:30-12:00    Testimony meeting (Church)
12:30-13:30    Lunch and fix travelfood
Saying goodbye